Security Isn't Cheap, Insecurity Is

At DTH we have a core set of values that we believe are missing to many in the wider world of security. We believe that the client deserves the service they pay for, so we ensure that our personnel are not only badged, but share our belief and our commitment.  We vet our personnel and match them to the client. That means that the standards we set are above those of many other security providers: when it comes to communication skills, de-escalation, first aid, diversity and physical intervention we strive to provide the perfect service.

We provide continuous training for our DS and we select the best to come and join us. We do this so that we can confidently provide security to our clients in the knowledge that we provide value for money. If you wish us to work for you, please do not hesitate to contact us. We provide door supervisors, close protection and festival security as our specialities. We also provide training for non-security personnel in de-escalation, leadership, diversity and self-protection.

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